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Star Demolition prides itself on being at the forefront of providing first-rate demolition and rubbish removal services in New York and New Jersey. From planning to execution, we demonstrate accountability and build lasting personal relationships with our clients without compromising professionalism. With our determination and dedication, we ensure that all projects are completed on time.

We operate in compliance with all HPD, DOB, DOT, DEP requirements and implement a rigorous and effective safety program across all operations and departments.

What we do

Our Services

Star Demolition offers extensive demolition and deconstruction services ranging from interior, exterior, and all emergency demolition and rubbish removal for commercial and residential clients alike. Geared with a wide range of expertise, a team of experts, and the right equipment and tools, we complete every demolition project on schedule and within budget.

Demolition Services

Construction and renovations of industrial and residential buildings always call for demolition. Our call is to provide hassle-free wrecking services for our clients from start to finish.


With demolition and deconstruction, rubbish and debris come next. Leave them to us. Aside from demolition, maintaining a clean worksite is part of what do. 

Mechanical Demolition

No wall is too hard to wreck and no construction is too sturdy to knock down with our powerful mechanical equipment. With our bulldozers, excavators, and lifts, we break structures down.

What we’ve knocked down

our projects

Since 2009, Star Demolition has been the leader in providing unrivaled quality demolition and rubbish removal services, cleaning out and clearing ways for home and commercial buildings. Whether it’s partial demolition to make room for expansion or for removal of an entire structure, we deliver a hassle-free and personalized demolition service without putting safety, professionalism, and client satisfaction behind.